We begin the S.M.A.R.T. Process by assessing 3 values:
Quantity, Budget and Quality.


This is basically how much stuff you need.  How big is your room? How many people do you want to seat in your theater? How many zones of audio will you need?  It’s very easy to quantify room dimensions, size of family or number of rooms.  Be sure to bring this information when you come to your first visit.  Be sure to bring measurements.  Pictures are helpful too.



Having a firm idea of your budget helps tremendously in achieving your goals.  We maximize every budget to build the best quality system available. If you plan on getting competitive quotes, give each retailer the same budget.  Then compare the quotes based on equipment quality.



Quality is very difficult to quantify. Our goal is to determine each customer’s threshold of acceptable quality.  The trouble is, every person perceives quality in different ways. That’s why we developed the SMART Process.


A little about The S.M.A.R.T. Process

Over the course of many years of customer interaction, we have found that simply calibrating a system to its industry standard is not what’s best for most people. Every room responds to sound and light differently.  Everyone sees and hears differently.  For example, some people have difficulty deciphering dialog accompanied with special effects. We developed the proprietary S.M.A.R.T. process to assign tangible values to intangible perceptions and response. We quantify your needs based on your unique responses to a series of carefully selected stimuli that help us determine your Audio & Video Personality.

–  Survey – Survey the client needs by interview, asking questions and determining goals.
M –  Measure – Evaluate room conditions from a technical perspective and establish clients’  Audio & Video Personality.
A –  Analyze the Data – Combine information from the survey and measuring phases.
R –  Report the Results of the first 3 phases and highlight areas of concern that may require special consideration.
T –  Tailor a Solution – Prioritize needs and plan implementation of solution.

The S.M.A.R.T. process allows us to craft a uniquely personal solution for every customer in any environment.  The 2-step process takes about an hour in the store and an hour in your home.  We are happy to accommodate walk-in visitors, but recommend appointments during potentially busy times.

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