Media Room Design

Media rooms refer to non-dedicated audio / video entertainment spaces. A media room could be in a family room, bonus room or game room. The design process is similar to Home Theater Design except we must consider the flexible nature of the space. Many media rooms are designed to be covert with hidden components and retractable screens so the space doesn’t look like a man cave when the theater is not being used.

Media Room Ideas

Media room concepts tend to be similar to Home Theater Ideas. The need to retrofit new equipment into an existing space with established decor is more common in the media room. These rooms tend to have more design restrictions to avoid changing the room any more than necessary. We employ many types of creative solutions to achieve design performance in these spaces.

Media Room Installation

Media Room installation is similar in nature to Home Theater Installation. Media Rooms tend to be heavily furnished with non-system items. Installation, system configuration and calibration techniques must be modified to accommodate these elements. We have the experience and use specialized installation tools to install system components into a media room without disturbing the current fixtures.