We can custom design and build your dream home theater system from start to finish. We can also enhance your existing system with upgraded components. Choose your new equipment from our variety of high performance product lines.


  • Dedicated Theater Rooms
  • THX Certified Equipment
  • High Definition Projector Systems
  • Streaming Movie & Music Services
  • iPod Integration
  • Custom Remote Control Systems
  • Custom seating
  • Theater Lighting and Automation
  • Decorative Acoustic Treatments
  • Accessories (Popcorn Machine, Marquis, Posters, Art)
  • Custom Storage and Furniture

Designing a Home Theater

In designing a home theater, most people take a bottom up approach. They take a bare bones system and add to it until they achieve their goals or, more often than not, run out of resources.

We go about it from the top down. We build an ideal solution based on your goals, then strategically remove features you will likely never miss based on the results of our analysis. For example, industry calculations say you need 2 THX subwoofers to fill your space, but we discover that you are sensitive to low frequency energy. You can then use one sub, not miss the other, and you can use those resources on something you will better appreciate.

Home Theater Design Ideas

Most of these themes can be created with accessories, but sometimes are so elaborate that they must be considered in the original design of the theater. In any theater project, there are several specific product selections, speaker placement and system design considerations that must be made to implement these ideas without sacrificing system performance.

The Clean Look

This home theater concept usually uses In-wall or In-ceiling speakers with the supporting equipment located in a closet or built flush into the wall. The attraction to this design is usually flexibility of the space. The decor can be easily changed and the space can be used for non-theater gatherings. Many clients choose this direction to keep the equipment out of reach from children and pets. Builders installing Home Theaters into spec homes tend to like this type of solution too. It allows them to provide a built-in, functioning theater while leaving the personal touches to the buyer. The drawback to this idea is the impracticality of moving the system. The layout can’t readily be rearranged and components cannot be removed without incurring repair costs.

The Classic Theater

This theater concept captures the complete essence of the movie theater experience. There is no mistaking the purpose of this dedicated room. The equipment can be hidden, but often is a part of the decor, including speakers. They could be in-walls, mounted flush with the surface of the wall or even behind acoustic panels, but most often elegant speakers are specifically chosen to complete the design.

The High Performance Room

This room is minimalistic in design. Every aspect of the room adds to the performance. Dimensions, seating positions, composition of materials and construction of the room itself are carefully evaluated when designing the system. Computer modeling prior to any construction is absolutely necessary to realize the theater’s maximum potential. There are aesthetic options that allow you to personalize the space, but not at the expense of the performance. The room often uses exotic materials and hand-built fixtures to add elegance without sacrificing ultimate performance.

The Theme Room (Vintage Theme shown)

20 Seat Home Theater

Theme rooms offer you the ultimate opportunity for personalization of your space. Gather and display memorabilia from your favorite sports teams. Highlight certain geographical areas like a favorite vacation destination, cityscape, the southwest or underwater. Go Hollywood style with the Red Carpet and Oscar night, modern director’s cut, movie posters or even display favorite movie scenes through framed pictures or murals. Movie Genres provide great inspiration. Science fiction rooms call for rich dark colors that provide function in addition to flair. Historical fiction and documentary style capture time periods and events, like the Antebellum South a la Gone with the Wind or the moon landing from The Right Stuff. Offer your tribute to John Wayne in the Old West Saloon themed room or to Charlie Chaplain in the Old Vaudeville Theater room. Anything that inspires you is a great starting place for developing your home theater concepts.