We have several major brands of amplifiers on display in our Raleigh Showroom including Stereo amps, Home Theater amps and Multi-zone amps.


  • DBS-30.2THX amps
  • 11 channel amps
  • 7 channel amps
  • 5 channel amps
  • 2 channel amps
  • Mono amps
  • Cass A/AB amps
  • Class D amps

Amplifiers seem to be something people reduce down to watts.  There are many, many more qualities to consider when shopping for an amp.  Would you buy a car based solely on horsepower?  There are several types of amps and each type has its pros and cons.  Matching the other components and speakers is also very important.  The problem with buying the wrong amp is that it will still work, but you will never know how much performance you left on the table.

Don’t make this mistake!  Hearing is believing!  Visit our showroom to compare of several different, professionally calibrated amplifiers with complimenting speakers.